Riccall Regen Centre COVID-19 Power to Change Grant

The past few months have been difficult for individuals, families and friends and for the groups that many of them belong to.  They have been unable to partake in the sporting and leisure activities that they are use to in buildings such as the Regen Community Centre in Riccall, which had to close from the end of March, when staff were furloughed.  The consequent loss of income from community usage, and also from business usage, has had severe consequences for the Centre, because, unfortunately, expenditure doesn’t stop.  However, the trustees of the Regen Centre and the Centre Manager have worked tirelessly during this time to ensure that the Centre comes through the coronavirus lockdown in as strong as position as possible to re-open its facilities, as soon as government guidelines allow.  This is now starting to happen.  The Centre’s Windmill Nursery opened last month, with great support from parents, and this month it has been running an outside bar at weekends.  Other bookings are now being taken for the coming weeks, all within government guidelines and safety requirements. 

The trustees are grateful for the support the Regen Centre continues to receive from the community and for the understanding shown by its suppliers.  They are confident about the Centre’s future and are particularly grateful, at the present time, to Power to Change, which has awarded a grant of £25,000 to the Centre. The grant is part of Power to Change’s COVID-19 grant programme, which aims to support organisations through the current crisis by providing grants of up to £25,000, to contribute towards trading income lost between April to June 2020 as a result of coronavirus, so that as many community facilities as possible survive this period of crisis, and have the best possible chance, not only to survive, but also to reinvigorate and reshape the work they do to provide vital training and employment opportunities, services, activities and support, so valued by local communities.

Notes to Editors

Power to Change is an independent charitable trust that supports and develops community businesses in England

In 1996 a group of Riccall villagers felt that the long serving, but still valuable, Village Institute no longer could provide all the facilities that a growing community needed.  They decided, therefore, to fund raise for a new community centre.  Three years later some £1.5m had been raised or committed, with major grants coming from the National Lottery and the Coalfield Regeneration Trust, and the Regen Centre was designed, commissioned and completed by early 2000.Twenty years later, before coronavirus affected everyone, the Regen Centre was thriving.  A wonderful achievement, considering that the Centre is entirely self-supporting, receiving no regular government or local authority finance. Thanks for this must go to its dedicated trustees, volunteers, members and staff and the loyalty of its users.  How has it done this?  Mainly by providing facilities that the local and wider community want, at a price they can afford, and by bringing in money through grants, donations, fund raising and business and event usage.

The Regen Centre provides rooms for meetings and social and leisure events, a large hall for conference, sport and leisure use, a small hall for more informal activities, particularly for children, a community archive and a nursery and out of school club.

What of the future after coronavirus?  Well certainly more of the same winning formula, plus constantly updating facilities, both inside and outside the building, so that users changing needs are always met. The Regen Centre is a charity and a not for profit social enterprise, which was built foremost ‘by the community for the community’.  But it is much more.  It serves the whole of the parish of Riccall and the wider community and is the only organization to have received a prestigious Yorkshire Community Initiative Award four times.

For further information about the Regen Centre and it’s progression out of the current coronavirus crisis, please contact the Centre Manager, Justine Hodgson on 01757 248849 or


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14 July 2020


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