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Community Library

The Village Institute is home to the Community Library. Located in the small room, the library has a great selection of books for all ages and is completely run by community volunteers.

The library is open on Monday 10am-12.30pm and Tuesday 2-6pm.

Any queries about the Community Library can be directed to Sandra Botham on 01757 249222  or clerk[at]

outdoor gym-equipment

Outdoor Gym Equipment at Riccall Park

Riccall Park features an outdoor gym area featuring 10-pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment has its own instruction label attached. The Outdoor Gym is managed by Riccall Parish Council.

Any queries about the Outdoor Gym can be directed to Sandra Botham on 01757 249222 or clerk[at]



Riccallish Allsorts

Formed in 1999, Riccallish Allsorts is a local drama group who perform plays and pantomimes at the Regen Centre; their first performance rehearsal taking place the night of the great flood of 2000, which threatened to engulf the centre shortly after it had been opened.

They are an open society and always welcome new members either to act or help with stage crafts such as set-building, costume, light, sound, and stage management.

The group understands drama is often a new experience for members so do their best to give tasks that people feel comfortable with. Many members have started with small roles and have gradually developed as their confidence and abilities have grown.

For more details contact Ken or Pat Davison on 01757 249820, or email kendall[at]


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Riccall & District Community Archive

The archive group is a small team of mainly retired local people who do research, digitally record, display, and give talks about the past and present happenings, occupations and properties in our villages. Pop in to see hundreds of local pictures, maps, and booklets from the early 19th century until today. 

Riccall & District Community Archive meets every Tuesday 2-4pm with other times available by pre-arranged appointment. New volunteers are always welcome. For more information contact: riccallarchive[at]



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Riccall Parish Council

Located at the Regen Centre (first floor), Riccall Parish Council is the local authority for Riccall and deals with a number of areas on behalf of its residents. The Council owns and manages 100 streetlights within Riccall and has responsibility for the upkeep of the central public rights of way and community grounds maintenance. The Council manages Riccall Park, which includes a pre-school area, junior area, skate park, aerial slide, teen shelter and Outdoor Gym. They also manage the Jubilee Sportsfield off Landing Lane which is used as a public space, has marked pitches for Riccall Utd Junior FC, an all-weather cricket wicket and is occasionally used for tag rugby. The Council owns the Village Green and Riccall Landing and deals with a number of issues for Riccall by working in partnership with the local Police, Selby DC, North Yorkshire CC amongst others, looking at local environmental issues, traffic management, planning, health and safety, winter maintenance and improving the lives of residents where possible.

Any queries about the Council can be directed to Sandra Botham on 01757 249222 or clerk[at]




Riccall Primary School

We work closely with the staff and pupils at our local primary school. You can get in touch with them using the details below:

Riccall Community Primary School,
North Yorkshire
YO19 6PF

Tel: (01757) 248234
Fax: (01757) 248575



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Riccall Round Walks

There are two circular walks, both of around 5 miles in the pleasant and historic countryside in and around the village of Riccall. The walks can be easily combined into one walk of 10 miles. Thanks to additional funding by the Heritage Lottery, five new information boards have been placed at strategic points of the walk and within the village, giving historical information and any other information of local interest, so the heritage of Riccall can be shared with others.

Leaflets on the walks are available at Nisa, the Post Office, the Regen Centre, the Council Office and both pubs.